Code With JV

tailored technical education

AI focused learning community


I facilitate a discord server for people wanting to learn more about AI, grow their technical skills and collaborate on interesting projects (especially open source).

Whether you are right at the beginning of your coding journey or a long way into it, all are welcome.


The offerings for the community are evolving over time but currently consist of things like :


An AI Snapshot email with deeper analysis whenever a new video is published


The Learning Edge is a new series of lightning talks from the Code With JV consulting team.

    - Select videos published for free, the rest available to members

    - Schedule of talks is available on github, requests from community members are welcome


Curated feeds from my favourite AI related discord servers in the project announcement channels so you can stay up to date


                 Free Tier



$12 USD / month


All free tier benefits

Live access to Learning Edge sessions

Full access to Learning Edge private recordings

Asynchronous support and learning plan review

Early access to AI learning tools